"You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world."

- Mattew 5:13

is the opposite of taking things personally.


Once you realize that attitudes, actions, and ways of being are all but universal energies that you personally experience — temporarily and as a one-of-a-kind combination of — you're better able to contain them ... and to let them come and go!  Becoming "you-niversal" is

Live out the change. Incarnate and manifest who you were created to be and your human life is resurrected - resurge with Life: ALL of it.

The Christ within. The heart of inclusion and integrity for yourself, others and all that is.

In doing so, you become more than your small ego self. You are "you-niversal" and have the freedom to "take what's old and new as needed off the shelf. Not limited by fears and ego concerns. Freedom to become more fully (lifelong) all of who you are.

Jesus stretched upward and downward, onward and backward. Jesus dies to his small (although good) self and is resurrected as the Christ: All.

You at Heart are universal, which means all, whole,


Not take things personally (gifts or insults) but universally.

fully and fundamentally who you are

the you-niverse

"It is no longer I who live but Christ."

wholeness, freedom

Fruits of the Spirit

individuation, meet life

Universal Man - no longer constrained by personal ego concerns

What if you could know, love and be what you (and Life) fully and fundamentally are?  It's actually possible and even pre-ordained. Beyond your personal ego and it's concerns and limitations is a deeper Self — an indelible imprint of the Universe within you. It's the blueprint for your own universality, the whole of who you are.

You at Heart.