There's a Universal Plan for Your Personal Fulfillment.

Beyond your personal ego and it's limitations and concerns lies a deeper Self — an indelible imprint of the Universe within you. It's the blueprint for your own universality, the whole of who you are. 


Becoming "you-universal" — your individual and entire self — is about expanding your consciousness, compassion and courage:  to know, love and become what you (and Life) fully and fundamentally are.

You at Heart.

"The Universe is not outside you. Look inside yourself; everything you want, you already are that."

— Rumi

How it happens...

Bringing your True Self to Life requires a profound personal Genesis that is amazingly similar to the creative energies of the Universe itself. The intensity and the density of this powerful transformation process spark a nuclear reaction at your core. Your True Self, the Center of your "you-niverse," comes to life and a Star is (re)born.

You at Heart.

What Your True Self is...

Forged and flowing, on fire and enduring, your True Self is like the Sun: enlightened, enlivened and empowered.

The world is in great need of all that this evolution offers. But the only way it will ever be a collective reality is if individuals like YOU undergo a creative re-birth.

"The human being fully alive gives glory to God."

— St. Irenaeus


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Dale Emmet

Graduate of Haden Institute of Spiritual Direction

Creator,  Everyday Deep, Women's Community + Creative Forum

Writer, Entrepreneur and Former Marketing Professional

B.A. Communications, Indiana University

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